Demoquiz is a free platform for Democratic candidates to use as a voter outreach and fundraising tool in the advance of the 2020 elections. Beginning in September, Demoquiz will be organizing events on a weekly basis which our staff will emcee on behalf of candidates for the House, Senate, Presidency, and State Legislatures. Demoquiz will work with a candidate’s campaign staff to promote the event to donors, constituents, and anyone interested in helping out with the campaign. We are also welcome to provide free quiz questions (including ones tailored to a particular candidate’s state or district) to other candidates if they are interested in organizing on their own.

Demoquiz quizzes will all be multiple choice to allow for quick grading, and to make as many questions as accessible to the greatest number of players. Demoquizzes will take place live on Youtube, with answer sheets provided as Google forms. There is no set cost to compete, but all players are asked to make a donation to the candidate’s campaign in exchange for playing. In most cases, this will be a sum of money, though players are also welcome to make a pledge to spend a certain amount of time working on a candidate’s campaign instead.

Any Democratic candidate running for office in 2020 is welcome to use Demoquiz. Demoquiz is organized and run by a team of professionals who work full time in the world of quizzing, which entails writing questions and organizing competitions. We are based in Vermont, and support candidates throughout all US states and territories. People outside the USA are welcome to compete in Demoquiz events, but cannot make financial donations to US candidates per US laws unless they are US citizens.

We hope that Demoquiz will provide lots of fun for players, and lots of support for Democratic candidates for the pivotal elections in 2020 and beyond! For further details, please contact