Demoquiz is pleased to announce that its first quiz evening will take place on Tuesday, September 8.

On this evening, we’ll be supporting candidates in competitive districts for the Minnesota State Senate. The Minnesota State Senate is currently controlled by Republicans, making Minnesota the only state in the country at the moment where one house of the legislature is controlled by Democrats (i.e. the Minnesota State House of Representatives) and the other by Republicans. Controlling both houses of the Minnesota legislature is vitally important, as the Minnesota legislature draws Congressional districts. The party that controls the legislature after the 2020 elections in Minnesota will control the Congressional redistricting process; hence the particular need to support Democratic candidates here. Remember that in 2010, massive state legislature gains by Republicans led to a highly favorable Congressional district map nationwide for the US House of Representatives – in 2020, we need to fix this!

The Cook Political Report rates control of the Minnesota State Legislature this year as a tossup (the current composition is 32 Democrats and 35 Republicans), so this is a way your campaign donations can have a huge impact, as far fewer donations flow to state legislative candidates. We’ll even have some questions presented by the candidates themselves!

The quiz is projected to take slightly over an hour and will begin at 8:00pm EDT, 7:00pm CDT. For further questions, please email