Greetings friends, and welcome to Election Night 2020! My name is David Madden, and for the third presidential election in a row, I’ll be live blogging from now through very, very, late (probably well into early [maybe late?] tomorrow morning). I’m here to offer commentary, analysis, and maybe a bit of emotional support throughout the coming decisive hours. Some background on me: I’ve been a politics junkie since the early 1990’s, majored in political science and have a master’s in international relations. I’m also the founder and Executive Director of International Academic Competitions, and among other things, the National Political Science Bee. I’ve probably consumed on average 2 hours of political news per day over the last year until the end of August, and 3-5 hours per day since then. So, those are my bloviating bona fides – take them for whatever they’re worth (which might not be all that much, but I’ll give it a shot).

That said, what I am most decidedly not, is in any way a professional at this, nor do I have any further quantitative insight at all to speak of beyond what you’ll find at 538 and elsewhere. It’s 100% sure that I’ll miss many calls and key points tonight, but I’ll try and keep tabs as best as I can while putting my thoughts down here. Much of what I say may be wildly off the mark. But, I’ll do my best, and will strive to be as fair and balanced (and stop that snickering, I mean it) as possible. Stop back every 10-15 minutes, and I should have a new post (I already have about 20 different topics I’ll be chiming in on before any polls come in). Feel free to post in the comments (rooting for candidates is ok, being uncivil to each other is not), share this blog with anyone and everyone, and I’ll be back in a bit!